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The event host must verify that they have read and will adhere to The Sandbar Rules and Regulations and will ensure that all event guests read and adhere to the same. A PDF of the rules and regulations will be sent via an automatic email after booking is completed and will need to be signed and returned to no less than 3 days before your event. 


General Rules:

  1. You must be 21 to board, no minors allowed.

  2. Restrooms are for Sandbar customers only.

  3. Every passenger is required to have their driver’s license in hand prior to boarding and ready to present to the Crew.

  4. Board and deboard boat at your own risk.

  5. Boarding and deboarding the boat will occur in single file in a safe and orderly manner.

  6. If you need assistance boarding or deboarding, ask for assistance from the Crew.

  7. No carry-ons allowed.  All food and drinks are ordered through the Crew.

  8. Exception to carry-ons is a celebration cake. A signed Waiver of Food Liability is required prior to boarding with the cake. The Sandbar is not responsible to provide plates, serving or eating utensils, napkins, or other for the celebration cake.

  9. Any damages to The Sandbar due to negligence on the part of the customer will be charged back to the customer and will include associated fees.

  10. The event hours are exact and to maximize your event time, we ask all guests be ready at pick-up times specified.  At departure time all guests must leave the boat.


Safety Rules:

  1. Only the Captain will determine on a daily basis if the weather is favorable for cruising.  If unfavorable weather, and for the safety of all concerned, the Captain may cancel the event.  Refer to online booking for further information on cancellations due to weather.

  2. Be aware the boat is subject to movement from waves caused from other boat travel nearby, etc. and may cause a sudden slight rocking motion.

  3. The boat is equipped with one life vest per person.  If you prefer to wear the life vest while on the boat, please notify a Crew member to assist.

  4. The life vests are stored in a gear box located at the bow of the boat near the circular stairway on the bottom deck, and in a gear box located on the top deck near the helm.

  5. The boat is equipped with two (2) orange life ring buoys and are only for emergency use only. One (1) is located on behind the bar and one (1) is located on the stern handrail on the top deck.

  6. There are three (3) fire extinguishers on the boat for emergency use only. One (1) is located in the galley, one (1) is located behind the bar and one (1) is located on the top deck helm.

  7. There is a separate men’s and women’s restroom on board.  Each bathroom is equipped with hand sanitizer and we ask you use the hand sanitizers each time you use the restrooms.

  8. The top deck surface may get hot from the sun, so bring proper food protection.

  9. Sun protection is not provided.

  10. No smoking of cigarettes, vapes or cigars allowed at any time.

  11. No climbing on side rails.

  12. No jumping from the boat into water at any time.

  13. No standing on chairs.

  14. No sitting or standing on bar top.

  15. No throwing anything from the boat into the water.

  16. The gang plank is for loading and unloading passengers only.

  17. Keep away from gang plank while it is in the up position.

  18. Travel to the top deck is via a single file circular stairway, so caution must be used when moving between decks.

  19. No running or horse-play allowed on circular stairway.

  20. Anyone who is disorderly in any way for any reason will be required to deboard the boat and may be barred from returning to the boat as determined by the Captain.

  21. For your safety and for the safety of others, The Sandbar is equipped with security cameras.

  22. Respect other’s space on the boat.


Bar/Food Rules:

  1. We reserve the right to stop selling alcohol to anyone at any time if our Crew believes that they have consumed more than they can handle or for any other reason. 

  2. Shot and doubles can be ordered.

  3. All used cups or other waste must be given to the Crew or thrown away in designated waste bins.

  4. No one is allowed behind the bar except the Crew.

  5. The server entrance and exit to the bar must remain clear at all times.

  6. All food and drinks must remain within the handrails at all times.

  7. No food or waste is to be disposed over sides of boat.

  8. All food and drinks must be consumed on the boat. No food or drinks can be carried off the boat at time of deboarding with the exception of remaining celebration cake.

  9. The Crew is allowed to accept tips.

  10. We ask that all guests be considerate and respect our Crew. 

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