Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get wet?

Short answer: Yes. The degree of saturation depends a little bit on the activity (surf kayaking 100% saturation highly probable) and on your skills. But you will always get a little bit wet as we use sit-on-top kayaks and there will alwasy be a bit of splash from the paddle. Assume that you can fall out and everything will be wet. You can hire a drybag to keep personal belongings dry.

Will I see dolphins?

We cannot guarantee dolphin sightings, as they are wild dolphins. However, we always try our very best to spot them and with 13 years experience in 1770, we know where to look and what to look for. It is possible to see dolphins on all our tours and on a hire but your chances are best on the sunset tour.

Do you cancel a tour if it rains?

That depends a little bit... A shower or two won't scare us, especially in summer when it's warm. But if it looks like we will get hammered by rain the entire time, we will cancel.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Paddlers must not weigh more than 120kg.

Do many people fall out of the kayak?

Not many, no. We use quality, stable kayaks but it's not impossible to tip them and fall out. Generally, the more weight is in the kayak, the easier they tip over. But it really doesn't happen very often.

Should I wear sunglasses on the tour?

We recommend you do, but be prepeared to lose them if you fall out. If your sunglasses are worth hundreds of dollars, maybe grab a cheap pair or make sure to use sunglass straps.

What should I wear?

Totally up to you! Most people wear swimwear and a t-shirt and shorts over the top. Just wear anything you don't mind getting a bit wet in and not your Sunday Best!

Do you take children?

Yes, we certainly do. We have a tour especially for families with kids aged between 4 and 12 years old. 10 years and older are welcome on the nature tour if paddling with an adult and 12 years and older can join the sunset tour with an adult.

How hard are the tours?

The tours are all very different, but all are suited to beginners. However, we do get affected by wind and tide and some days can be easier than others...please contact us if you are unsure about the weather or your abilities or fitness level.

Do you refund if the tour is cancelled?

You will get a 100% refund if we cancel the tour.